Why Alchemy ?

Alchemy Group has an exemplary track record of having provided superior client experience, in keeping with the investor’s long-term wealth creation goals, over two decades.

A dedicated team of professionals works round the clock to make sure that you benefit from the association. The exclusive Bottom-Up strategy and periodic monitoring make Alchemy what is it today; an asset management organization of choice.


  • Alchemy Expertise
  • The Alchemy Edge
Founders and Investment Team
  • Are on solid market footing, based on knowledge, transparency and process.
  • Have a strong network that converges both information and intelligence.
  • Are consistent with the investment patterns and philosophy.
  • Work with a team of professionals who have imbibed the investment philosophy practiced by the company.
Risk Management and Compliance
  • Alchemy and its employees strictly abide by the code of conduct.
  • Believes in absolute transparency and unambiguity in the ways of doing business.
A disciplined investment philosophy
  • Alchemy is one of the pioneers in Bottom-Up stock selection whereby companies can perform and realize their full potential irrespective of industry conditions
  • A good understanding of trends and latest market developments
  • Considers primary research inviolable for a comprehensive evaluation
  • Long term track record; initial investment of Rs.1 crore in 2002 has grown to Rs. 39.1 crores as on 31 Mar 2023 in Alchemy’s Group flagship product.

Alchemy has a top-tier standing among leading global institutional investors and some of the top Indian families, which is built on the firm’s long-term integrity.


Alchemy is renowned for its collaborative and innovative culture — one that prioritizes quality of ideas and is focused on generating consistent alpha combined with a superior client experience.


Continuity in philosophy and strategy, with founder Hiren Ved as Alchemy India’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Hiren and the Alchemy’s investment management team have built a culture of performance excellence that has been instrumental in implementing Alchemy's investment strategy and ensuring continuity of track record.


Comprehensive networks of relationships built over decades provide team with a regular flow of intelligence and insight on stocks/sectors/businesses and potential opportunities in the Indian business ecosystem.


A focus on superior performance and sustainable long-term wealth creation. Alchemy Singapore managed Fund, Alchemy India Long Term Fund Limited has outperformed its benchmark 9 of the last 12 calendar years.